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Our expert technicians actively service cooling towers and closed loop systems within our service area. That means we know first-hand how our products work in the real world, so we can give reliable advice on every product you buy from us.

Get better results with ongoing consultations (no cost with purchase).

We give our customers easy-to-understand instructions for using the same pro-level test kits and treatments we use in our contracted services. Our years of experience with a wide range of chemical pumps and controllers can help you determine your controller setpoints, pump settings, and dosages—all while maximizing water usage.

Ask our expert technicians about:

  • Testing for pH, conductivity, calcium, alkalinity, and bromine/chlorine (total and free)
  • Using test kits and interpreting results
  • Determining the correct cooling tower controller settings, such as conductivity setpoints, deadbands, lockouts, and bio timers
  • Choosing which pumps to use and suggested settings for your specific setup
  • Common challenges and how to resolve them
  • Automation strategies for your specific setup

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Cooling Tower Scale & Corrosion Inhibitor (5 Gal.)

Cooling Tower inhibitor for general use, evaporative condensers, or fluid towers. Can be used for critical-system use, softened water, and passivation.


CW1226 is a cooling tower water chemical product used for evaporative condensers and fluid towers. This product can be used for general, critical, and softened water and passivation use. It is formulated to minimize corrosion and help prevent scaling, general deposition, and corrosion under operating conditions.

Tested via low range Molybdate test kit.

.3-.5 ppm residual
For feed rates, pump settings and controller setpoints, contact us.

Chemical Water Treatment - Closed Loop Corrosion Inhibitor

Closed loop corrosion inhibitor. This product does contains the requested dye.


CL-090-K is designed to minimize corrosion in hot water boilers (including aluminum) and chiller systems. This product is a low pH product, and is pink in appearance. CL-090-K contains a combination of nitrite and borate. This product is not intended for use in steam boilers. CL-090-K is compatible with propylene glycol.

How much chemical do I have to add to my system?
One gallon of product treats roughly 400 gallons of fresh water at 400 nitrite (tested as sodium nitrite). Residuals of this product can be monitored with a nitrite test kit.

For cooling tower water treatment automation equipment, see below.

Stabilized Bromine Chlorine Liquid (5 Gal.)

BromMax 7.1 is an EPA-registered biocide for controlling algae and bacterial slime in condensing and cooling equipment.


BromMax 7.1 is a patented single-feed, stabilized, liquid bromine biocide with active ingredients of sodium bromide and sodium hypochlorite.

What are applications of BroMax 7.1?
BromMax 7.1 is made from a concentrated liquid bromine biocide used for control of bacterial, algal, and fungal slime in industrial and commercial recirculating cooling water systems. BromMax 7.1 can also be used to control bacterial and algal slime in process waters and influent systems, as well as food, beverage, and industrial pasteurizers.

How do I control the feed rates and determine the proper set point?
You can perform a bromine/chlorine test to monitor the residuals. It will take a few weeks to determine your actual usage target. Start feeding at midday (hottest point of day) for 10 minutes per day. Monitor via test kit, targeting a 1-3 ppm total and .5-1 ppm free.  

What other Biocides do you suggest in water treatment?
Our most popular products are Isothiazolin and Gluteraldehyde.

For cooling tower water treatment automation equipment, see below.

Chemical Water Treatment - Lonza ISOCILRW-15 Liquid Biocide (5 Gal.)

Isothiazoline 1.5% (non-copper stabilized) is a liquid biocide used for controlling microbial growth.


Isothiazoline 1.5% (non-copper stabilized) is a liquid biocide used for controlling microbial growth.

What are applications of Isothiazoline 1.5%?
Isocil RW-1.5 is a high-performance industrial microbiocide for use in recirculating cooling towers, pulp and paper mills, or oil field injection waters and air washer systems. It has extremely broad spectrum activity, controlling bacteria, fungi, and yeasts without affecting product physical properties. It can also be used for wood, mold, and mildew control.

How do I determine feed rates?
Feed the product via the lockout function on the cooling tower controller (we can assist).

This product requires a minimum of 2-3 hours of retention time to become effective.

For cooling tower water treatment automation equipment, see below.


Walchem 600 Cooling Tower Controller

Controls up to 6 complex functions. Includes touch-screen display, and analytical sensors that measure pH, ORP, conductivity, disinfection fluorescence and flow-meter input.

  • Large touch-screen display with icon-based programming makes setup easy
  • Universal sensor input provides extraordinary flexibility; the same controller can be used with almost any type of sensor
  • Combination sensor input and analog input board add even more flexibility
  • Lead/Lag control of up to 6 relays
  • Optional dual analog (4-20 mA) input for fluorometers or nearly any other process value
  • Multiple-language support allows simple setup no matter where your business takes you
  • Six control outputs allow the controller to be used in more applications
  • Economical wall-mount package for easy installation
  • On-screen and online graphing of sensor values and control output status
  • Two virtual inputs calculated from two real inputs (cycles of concentration, % rejection, etc.)
  • The W600 with amperometric chlorine sensors for reporting chlorine residual measurements in accordance with EPA Method 334.0.
  • Complete flexibility in the function of each relay
  • Data logging
  • Emailing alarm messages, data log, graph, or system summary reports
  • Ethernet option for remote access via the Internet, LAN, BACnet or Modbus/TC

Bleed Solenoid Valve

This valve is a two-way, normally closed, direct-lift valve and does not require a minimum differential pressure to operate.


2S & 2W Series 2/2 Direct Lift Diaphragm Normally Closed Solenoid Valve: This valve is a two-way, normally closed, direct-lift valve and does not require a minimum differential pressure to operate. As shown in the diagrams below, when the coil is de-energized (left diagram), the plunger and flexible diaphragm sit on the main valve orifice. The working medium flows through a tiny "bleed orifice" and pressurizes the cavity above the diaphragm - this system pressure, along with the spring force, seals the valve. When the valve is energized, the diaphragm is pulled away from the main orifice, allowing fluid to flow through the valve. Since the bleed orifice is dimensionally smaller than the main orifice, the system pressure cannot rebuilt on the top of the diaphragm as long as the main orifice remains open. The working medium and flow direction are indicated in purple in the diagrams.

Walchem Flow Switch, 150 PSI



Walchem Water Treatment Controller Flow Switch Assembly with 20' Cable. Flow Switch Assembly for WCTW/WDS600/W600 Water Treatment Controller.

Econ VX Chemical Pump

The Econ VX is a variable speed pump with an adjustable potentiometer. Choose from a selection of six different models with output ranges of 0.8 to 38.8 gallons per day. Each model in the VX series is differentiated by the output and the pressure range. We suggest the following specifications: E20VXH - 23.5 gpd, 1/4 black, 120v.


Unique Stenner pump features

  • Effortless tube replacement with patented quick-release pump head. VIEW VIDEO
  • Solid one-piece tube construction
  • Mounting options

Advantages of Stenner's peristaltic pumps

  • Solution is not in contact with moving parts
  • Pump head requires no valves, allows for easy maintenance
  • Self-priming against maximum working pressure—foot valve not required
  • Pump does not lose prime or vapor lock
  • Pumps off-gassing solutions and can run dry
  • Output volume is not affected by back pressure


Standard System 3

Pre-Fabricated Water Treatment Automation System—mounted in a weather-tight polycarbonate fiberglass enclosure.

This enclosure Includes the Walchem WCT-600 controller, three Stenner chemical pumps, tubing, bleed solenoid, flow switch, conductivity sensor, and all necessary injections. Completely in-house assembled. Turn-key system.

We also suggest ordering either 10- or 15-gallon DWT chemical tanks.

How are these installed?
We have turn-by-turn instructions for plumbing these. Online support is included with purchase, along with all programming pre-shipped. If you send us a water sample (or provide all water tests required), we will program the controller to your exact water chemistry needs.

Can I request two tanks and/or change what the prefab comes with instead?
Yes, we can design—and build—the prefabrication unit to your needs.

We always suggest a three-chemical program: one inhibitor and two biocides (one biocide and one biostat, such as oxidizer).

Unistrut and tanks are not included in prefab unit.

Walchem - Electrode for WCT600

These cell-constant 1.0 sensors are designed for cooling towers with water up to 30,000 μS/cm.


Lower pressure (up to 150 PSI, 10 atm) polypropylene sensors are available with graphite or stainless steel electrodes, and may be installed in line or under submersion. High pressure (up to 300 PSI, 20 atm) inline sensors are constructed from stainless steel and PEEK.

WebMaster controllers require active sensors. These sensors contain electronics to convert the sensor signal to a readable voltage . W400 series controllers use passive sensors that have cables dressed specifically for them. The W100 series controller’s passive sensors are dressed differently.

Performance specifications vary with the type of controller, so refer to the controller brochure. Typical cooling-tower temperatures are 0 to 70 °C (32 to 158 °F).

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